Red Feather Roleplaying (RFR) is a non-profit larping community dedicated to running larps in and near the Massachusetts area.



We believe in fair play. The spirit of the rule is more important than the letter of the rule, but better still if the rule is clear and unambiguous.

We believe in community. Games are at their best when all participants strive to be helpful and to contribute to the success of the endeavor.

We believe in open dialog. Roleplay is predicated on trust, and participants are encouraged to share their concerns frankly and candidly.

We believe in stewardship. Games belong to their players, and each event are given anew to staff that they may oversee and protect them.

We believe in respectful conduct. When participants are invested in the story, impassioned conflicts can ensue, but there is never an excuse for discourtesy.

We believe in fellowship. It is the responsibility of all participants to foster an environment in which discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated.

We are Red Feather Roleplaying. Our spirit is refreshed. Please, come play with us.

Code of Conduct

All members of the Red Feather Roleplaying (RFR) community, including players and staff, must follow these guidelines:

The Code of Conduct is not all-inclusive. Any action which creates an unsafe or hostile environment or which precludes fair game, even if not explicitly delineated in the code, may be considered a violation.

Procedure for Code Violations: If you feel there has been a breach of the Code of Conduct, send a complaint to the Conduct Committee (

The Conduct Committee will determine if the Code of Conduct has been violated. During the investigation, they will preserve the anonymity of both the complainant and the accused. If preserving anonymity is not possible, they will alert the relevant parties and receive consent from them before breaking anonymity.

Mark of the Red Feather

If you are being harassed (or experience similar out-of-game problems), people who wear a red feather pin (player or staff) are available to help/advise/listen.

If you are interested in wearing a red feather pin, speak with the Ombuds ( — pins will also be available from the staff center. If you wear one, you are promising to be understanding and not fall victim to bystander apathy — some basic training is available at events.

Conduct Committee

Chair: Joy P
Beth B, Ken C, Jessy M, Mal S

Committee members are appointed by the board, usually following a community nomination process.

Board of Trustees

President: Sarah WM
Melissa F, Jordan G, Steve G, Matt K, Ronny R, Sammie T

Ombuds: Kep P

Board members are elected by the community to four-year terms. Community members are eligible for the board (and to vote) if they have played or staffed at least two RFR events within the preceding year.

The Ombuds is appointed by the board.

The works by Red Feather Roleplaying, Inc are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Creative Commons License